Fresh Juice


By June 23, 2017 No Comments

Considering the depth and diversity of Australian music, and the abundance of talent that, as we speak, lingers within the woodwork- it’s virtually impossible to be keep up with all the great artists out there. Streaming services, community radio and music blogs (like this one) all play their role in providing a platform for up and comers but it’s inevitable that you’re going to miss out on a hell of a lot of good artists. With that said, be sure to not let these dudes slip through your grasp. By way of Byron Bay, indie four piece Seaside have swooped in to secure their spot as the Friday Freshy and for good reason. It would seem Seaside have been hard at work this year, dropping a five track EP earlier in this year and their latest offering, Drifting dropped earlier this month. Depending on how you pre game, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you blast Drifting before heading out tonight, but definitely have it ready to go for the trip home tonight.

Now isn’t to much information out about these dudes but as always it’s best we let the music do the talking. Today’s Juice is a gentle journey that maintains integrity with a soft rather saccharine vocal melody. These soothing vocals share the spotlight with a tear jerking electric guitar that wanders alongside the vocals for the duration of the track. Complete with a loose drum beat and understated but impactful baseline. todays Juice will undoubtedly have you adding Seaside to your long list of up and coming Aussie artists to keep your eye on in 2017.