Fresh Juice


By June 26, 2017 No Comments

If you prefer sipping on your Juice’s after dark, The Night Cafe, as the name suggests, have got you covered. Hailing from Liverpool, TNC have kept their fans entertained with a sturdy stream of singles since their 2015 inception. Following the release of their debut EP, Get Away From The Feeling back in February, the lads have made it pretty clear that 2017 will be their year- announcing a second EP which will drop in October! Having developed a rather unique brand of alt pop, their latest offering and today’s fresh Juice Felicity, sees the quartet take a daring step into dreamier territory and in the process of doing so, TNC have unveiled a side of their music that I for one, haven’t really heard before.

The reason really is in italics above, is because Felicity does, eventually re-enter the familiar realm of TNC’s alt pop, but prior to the first chorus, the band show off a heavier, side of their skill set that’s cosmic and spacious leaving room for your imagination to wonder what a full length track would sound like, should they chose to flesh it out. What I really dig about Felicity is the conversation between drums and guitar. It’s almost as if the two instruments are duking it our to see who will crowned king by the end of the track. If I was to give these dudes a comparison I’d say TNC’s latest cut reminds me a little bit of Boy and Bear with a touch of Beech Fossils in there for good measure. It’s only fitting a Van Gough painting is also called The Night Cafe because today’s Juice is a real work of art.