Fresh Juice


By August 28, 2018 No Comments

I’m 100% the kind of person that refuses to get into artists when they have huge buzz around them (so prepare for me to not pay attention to anything that happens at Bigsound next week), but then ends up getting into them about a year and a half later. After all of my friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and physio (shout out to Travis! You legend, you’re so good for my back) have told me to just give them a go. Potentially it’s because of my elderly state of 25 going on 26, but I think I’m starting to become more open to acts with tremendous hype. Hence why I’m writing about uuuuber newcomers, Erthlings (at least, I think I’m writing about them… what is writing? You know?). This group of 16-year-olds are already creating soundscapes that are far beyond their years. Refined, slightly psych, slightly lo-fi (kinda New Order vibes), slightly Warpaint-y, ‘Bridges’ is a true, fully-fledged jaaaam. Everyone is already talking about it, they’re already signed to Future Classic, they’re supporting G-Flip, Triple J is surely already rinsing them – Erthlings are taking the same old trajectory towards local alternative stardom. The difference here is, that they are actually already really really good.

Come on, just turn on your computer and you’ll find someone flogging ‘Bridges’… via Future Classic.