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By August 30, 2018 No Comments

“Oh god, he’s gone and truly done it this time.” I’ve broken the one rule of writing about music. I’ve chosen to cover a track that is not a single. Yep, this is a track that isn’t supposed to be covered, it’s not on a cycle, there’s no PR on this track, I have no email chain to refer back to. I’ve just gone and picked out a track off a new album to cover. I don’t know if they’ll let me into that closed Australian music bloggers Facebook group after this (come on guys, my request has been pending for 7 years now!). I think maybe it’s because it’s because I’ve slept on LAUREL big time (this must be my week for sleeping on things), so I’ve completely missed the single cycles around her DOGVIOLET album release (which I put down to her being on Counter Records, I assumed she sounded like What So Not from that fact alone), but regardless, I just cannot go past ‘All Star’. It’s 1010% the track of what is a truly exceptional LP. It speaks of a verrrry often touched on theme of love lost etc etc etc, but the delivery is truly captivating. LAUREL’s vocal delivery illustrates the fragility of the story, but each line is dropped in a fucking powerful way. The smooth instrumentation captures the mood to perfection and the guitar lines are sooooo very debut The xx. Listen to the singles, give her the neccessary streams on the new music playlists, but DO NOT go past this track. I beg you. Look how many uses of italics are in here, that means I mean business.

DOGVIOLET is out now via Counter Records / Ninja Tune / Inertia.

Photo Credit: Kamila K Stanley