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By September 15, 2018 No Comments

If you are familiar with my writing, you know I’m not against the occasional pop jam, especially when it’s laced with PC Music-esque production. So, this new one from Banoffee is riiiight up my alley. ‘Muscle Memory’ is the first track we’ve heard from the Melbourne via LA multidisciplinary artist since 2015’s SOPHIE c0-produced ‘Ripe’. Martha Brown’s vocal delivery still creates the kind of light atmospheric vibe of her previous work, but her tone has shifted to match the dark, oozing synths and heavy mechanical beats that swallow her lines throughout the track. ‘Muscle Memory’ is pop music made for the club, and considering she’s been in Charli XCX’s live band, Banoffee has to be considered Australia’s closest thing to PC Music now. I really hope this country is ready for more music like this.

‘Muscle Memory’ is out now via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.