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By September 18, 2018 No Comments

NZ gets a hard time out there, but NOT HERE AT I OH YOU. I think we’ve covered NZ based artists like at least three times now. See we got you, NZ. Hey, but now that joke time is over, let’s talk Yumi Zouma.

With two albums and two EPs under their belt, this NZ foursome have been slowly and steadily refining their truly infectious (like, seriously, I’m not even saying it in the way you hear it in press releases, this will make you physically sick in a good way) blissful electro-pop. Whilst any and all similar artists seemed to fall into obscurity, YZ are continually beating their best with every release, and ‘Crush’ is no different. If you ever wanted to listen to a track about losing your mind on a crush (of course, we’ve all been there), but also dance to some summery-groove-heavy-disco-pop vibes, then THIS is the track for you. A great beat, a whisper of a duet, wrapped up in the warmest tones. ‘Crush’ will definitely be up in the best tracks of 2018, and Yumi Zouma continue to keep a whole damn genre of music alive and kicking.

Yumi Zouma’s EP III is out September 28 via Cascine.