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By September 20, 2018 No Comments

In what has to be the strangest colabs of the year so far, noise-rock legends HEALTH have teamed up with new lo-fi guitar legend Soccer Mommy for ‘MASS GRAVE’. To be completely honest, I love both of these artists for different reasons, and I really did not know what to expect (I actually triple checked to make sure there wasn’t some Soccer Mommy I wasn’t aware of making music that was more aligned to HEALTH). BUT, this just works. Of course, this track is more ‘USA Boys’ than it is ‘STONEFIST’, but there is a lot of care that’s been taken into the arrangement and structure. Jake Duzsik has pulled his vocals back even further to match the tone of Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison, and in tandem they produce a captivating emotional duet. Take away the massive, haunting walls of synths and skittering, crashing production and this could be a romantic hit. Instead it’s a dark, raw and brutal story, played out in typical HEALTH fashion. Which is a hit in my eyes.

‘MASS GRAVE’ is out now via Loma Vista.