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By September 25, 2018 No Comments

I may have already said this about seven different artists this year, but Westerman has to be the artist you watch this year. There is no one better (probably, see me in December) that has entered the consciousness of the music world (aka, my world) in 2018. Just listen to his latest single ‘Albatross’ – A collage of subtle instrumental touches wrapped around the voice of one of the most soothing vocalists going around right now.  The scattered layout of the track, against his warm vocal tones, it doesn’t seem like it wants to work. And just when you think it won’t, a rogue funk bass line jumps in, or an abrupt key change, or ghostly vocal layers, or an outlying twang of a guitar – and suddenly it works. In the most beautiful way. Like, how are you even doing this? You beautiful man.

‘Albatross’ is out now via Blue Flowers Music.