Fresh Juice


By February 12, 2018 No Comments

Greta Kline is Frankie Cosmos and Frankie Cosmos is fucking awesome. The New York native has been a little quiet since the release of her 2016 L.P Next Thing. Sure she released a single with Dent May last year but that wasn’t enough as far as I’m concerned. I’m a big fan of Kline’s unique brand of indie-pop and one good track a year is like eating a single hot chip when you’re starving; it simply makes you even more peckish.

In typical Cosmos fashion, Being Alive is brief and brash. Wasting no time, Kline’s vocals set a rushing pace, which is matched by a cymbal-heavy drumbeat and some fuzzy electric guitar work. Today’s Juice is a nice afterthought of Next Thing as it shares some qualities with tracks like On the Lips and Too dark. The dramatic shifts in tempo that Kline puts to use create such an immediate satisfaction and does a nice job in keeping you engaged. As the song gradually whines to a close, Kline’s bandmates take it in turns repeating the chorus in a relaxing tone, which does a nice job in easing the angst.