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By December 10, 2018 No Comments

Whoa, I really didn’t expect to be saying this so late in the year, but damn this Gauci track might be the best local track of 2018. Look, I probably need a few weeks to let ‘Paradise’ truly sink in, but time is of the essence, it’s end of year list season and I need to figure this out right here, right now. I don’t usually like to just rip lines straight from the press release (more like the meeting room table at the office Xmas party, am I right guys? That’s a drug joke for ya), but it says that ‘Paradise’ is a blend “of smooth Italo Disco style synths and charming melodies with a refreshing post-punk twist.” I hear that, there’s serious driving through the Italian country-side with the top-down, Call Me By Your Name style, but with a dark, moody af undertone across the whole thing. And if you knew anything about me at all, young reader, you’d already know that anything dancy with a dark undertone is my favourite thing (love a good dance cry). So maybe this is an incredible PR play and GAUCI will slip right into those end of year lists we all hate? (Watch out for I OH YOU’s hot tracks of 2018, probably).

‘Paradise’ is out now via the Internet, you know how to find music right?

Photo Credit: Mason Stevenson