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By December 11, 2018 No Comments

As a writer (if you would actually call me that, literally no one does, not even mum) one of my favourite things about a video clip release is that it gives me a new excuse to write about a track I’ve loved, but missed (because again, I’m barely a writer). The release of Hemm’s clip for ‘Skin’ gives me this exact opportunity. I feel a bit dumb for not catching on to this Melb duo earlier, but if you ever needed a reason to pick up the phone and call everyone you know and yell at them about a track, it’s ‘Skin’. It’s an incredibly delicate creation, like an obscenely high stack of plates, swaying slowly in the wind, waiting to crash intensely and ruin what has been a perfect wedding otherwise. But it doesn’t, the tension of ‘Skin’ builds with James Blake-esque tones, and spacious production, but is never released at once. It slowly leaks out through truly atmospheric vocals and outerwordly synths, eventually leaving you completely breathless. A true beauty.

Directed and shot by Rex Kane-Hart

‘Skin’ is out now via Spirit Level

Photo Credit: Trudi Treble