Fresh Juice


By October 3, 2018 No Comments

Every so often, even the most self-involved, conceited, snobbish of music writers (me) needs a fun song to enter their life. You don’t need to constantly be searching for the next Sufjan Stevens level emotional roller coaster constantly, you can just enjoy good music. So here’s Golden Vessel’s newie, ‘BIGBRIGHT’. A straight-up undeniably fun song. With the help of other very hyped local legends, E^ST, Duckwrth and Elkkle, Vessel pieces together a varied, textured world of club sounds. From Duckwrth’s pacey flow, E^ST’s shimmering tones and Elkkle’s match winning poetic punches (even GV’s own monotonous rap flow), ‘BIGBRIGHT’ feels like its walking through different rooms, sitting you down to hear a new side of the story, but everything is perfectly fused together with the bass heavy, warped production from Golden Vessel. This is like the modern day version of those sick early-00s pop songs that featured 5000 different artists. Prepare to hear this all over the place this summer.

‘BIGBRIGHT’ is out now via Exist Recordings.