Fresh Juice


By October 18, 2018 No Comments

I was always pretty happy with Souls of Mischief’s track ’93 Till Infinity’ as a song that repped my year of birth. Thanks to Sydney outfit Johnny Hunter the younger class of millennial’s can revel in their new anthem, ‘1995’. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live roughly four or five times in the last few months and boy, do they bring the heat. Rocking what could best be described as a post-glam-rock aesthetic, Johnny Hunter are much more of an experience than they are a band.

Note to JH fans – I’m well aware today’s Juice is not Johnny Hunter’s latest track. In the last few weeks, the band released their third single ‘Cult Classic’ but I chose to squeeze ‘1995’ as I feel it captures the high-intensity and raw energy that Johnny Hunter bring to a live show. We on the same page? Ok great.

The term post-punk gets thrown around a lot but I feel as though these guys’ music fit the description pretty damn well. The music is loud; the song-writing poignant. Kickstarted by a restless guitar and a rhythm section racing to keep up, the stage is set for the low-vocal delivery that loudly proclaims the opening line “Well I’m Waiting / For the Come Down”. Powerful stuff. There’s a nostalgic element to Johnny hunter’s sound and look but the music still feels fresh and unique – kind of in the same way as Bristol punk band Shame. Keep an eye on these guys.

Released via Break Even Recordings

📸 Tim Baker