Fresh Juice


By December 3, 2018 No Comments

Alright, so I think that Golden Vessel has hands down won 2018 in terms of dead set, no fucking around, fun music. ‘BIGBRIGHT’ was a party colab never before seen by a writer of this quality (not sure if that’s a dig at myself, I’ll get back to you), and now with the help of Elkkle (again!) and Akurei, we have another stand-up, get-down, fun track in ‘MOONSTONE’. Once again, these colab jams are equally held up by each member. Elkkle’s verses are pointed, rolling off the tongue in powerful jabs, and his tone is totally unmatched right now. Akurei brings a subdued flow, with his relaxed R&B tones hitting you right in the feels. Throw in the gravelly vocals that GV has been really leaning into (for all the right reasons) and his (and Elkkle’s) atmospheric skittering production, and you’re 100% nodding for days (because the track is on repeat forever).

‘MOONSTONE’ is out now via Exist Recordings.