Fresh Juice


By December 5, 2018 No Comments

Kllo seem to constantly push the boundaries of pop, but in really subtle ways. Their new one, ‘Candid’ is another beautiful example of this. I feel like if you played someone fresh a few seconds of a Kllo track, they’d be like ‘oh yeah, it’s R&B infused electronic pop’. One: that sounds like a bad cocktail you’d get at Bimbo’s (come @ me) and two: take a hot minute to let everything sink in. From the underlying hip-hop samples that almost feel like they shouldn’t be there, to the rolling synth lines, the scattering of beats and Chloe’s smooth, effortless way of telling a her own story of “not compromising, not being ‘so nice’ in (her) reaction to an uncomfortable experience.” There’s so much to unpack in ‘Candid’, and the more you listen, the more you’ll unpack, and that’s the kind of depth pop is crying out for. Kllo are the answer to pop’s (and your) prayers.

Video shot/directed by: Moon Taerim

‘Candid’ is out now via Good Manners / Ghostly International.