Fresh Juice


By March 7, 2018 No Comments

Montreal singer-songwriter Helena Deland has rightfully received a lot of attention from North American, UK and European audiences but hasn’t really broken in Aus just yet. That, my friends, is all about to change. If you vibe Julia Jacklin or Hand Habits then you’re bound to gobble down Deland’s new track, “There are a Thousand”. The opening moments of today’s Juice gives you the impression that you’re listening to a pretty low-key pop track. That is until a lil electric guitar lick splashes some psychedelic colours on you and from then on there’s no guessing where the song is heading. I think what stands out the most for me on today’s track is the combo of bass and electric guitar. It provides our humpy Juice with some really nice depth and creates an almost jazzy melody that is pretty difficult to trace. If you go ahead and listen to Deland’s other new tracks like Take It All and Body Language, I think you’ll agree that this lady has got some serious range.