Fresh Juice


By March 9, 2018 No Comments

Planet’s latest track is yet another indication that the Sydney four-piece are set for a break out year in 2018. In prep for their forthcoming EP -due sometime in May- Planet have released two dope tracks: A stripped back ballad in Aching Dream and today’s Juicy, Friday feature, Save.Sold.

Now, chances are that Planet fans have already recognised this but while we’re discussing the two aforementioned singles, take a moment to listen and compare each track individually. The contrast in sound between both singles is not only a testament to the Planet’s consummate musicianship but also suggests that these dudes are nursing a pretty versatile EP. Now let’s have a geez at today’s Freshy.

Sonically, Save.Sold is on the angstier end of Planet’s spectrum. The ethereal guitar melody that greets you in the opening moments of today’s Juice is comforting but also insincere as a restless drum-beat promptly interrupts the serenity setting a pretty rocky track in motion. Similar to other Planet tracks the lyrics in Save.Sold are spiteful and introspective with a strong, convincing vocal delivery. Planet will also be supporting DMAs on their UK tour next month so if you’re over dare click this link and grab yourself a ticket before they sell out.