Fresh Juice


By March 12, 2018 No Comments

Categorising songs into genres is becoming harder and harder. Sydney Based psych-punk outfit (we’ll go with that for now) SCK CHX have just released the second single off their forthcoming EP and it’s got me pretty amped up. The song’s called Feel The Same and if you’re into punk and your housemate vibes dream pop then I think I’ve found the perfect middle ground for y’all.

Starting on the poppier end of the Spectrum, SCK CHX warm you up with a little Phoneixesque intro that carries through till the chorus where the punk elements of today’s Juice then take hold. A fuzzy Gizz-like riff and a rough shift in vocal tone and delivery catches you off guard the first time around, but also prepares you for the next chorus. I think Feel The Same could best be described as turbulent tranquillity. Keen to hear the rest of the three-piece’s debut EP, ‘Downward Dog’ when it drops April 6.

The three-piece are also signed to the artist-led label – Yeah Nah Yeah records which I strongly suggest you check out.