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By January 23, 2018 No Comments

I’ve heard the word ‘ramshackle’ thrown around when talking about music before, and I’ve never really got it, because (to quote my quick Google search) it means “a state of severe disrepair” – and that’s a pretty fkin rude way to describe someone’s music. But when I listen to Hinds, I feel like I can see how music can sound ramshackle and be a positive attribute. The Spanish quartet’s tracks shouldn’t work, ya know? Sometimes they cut at strange points, sometimes the vocals don’t fit the backing, sometimes the instrumentation feels real rough – it feels like it’s a bit ramshackle. BUT, it works. It all works. Even their new single ‘New For You’ is full of abrupt cuts, choral yells, unpolished guitar lines. It plays out like a someone taking over an open mic night and proceeding to drunkenly yell at their ex for 4 minutes. But that’s a good thing, I really mean that. The track is a heap of fun, and each element plays into one another creating a piece that is inherently catchy… and just that little bit bitter. Ramshackle is the next big genre, I swear it. @Spotify, come @ me, I’ve got plenty more I can suggest for your end of year wrap up bus shelters.

Hinds’ new LP, I Don’t Run, is out April 6 via POD/Inertia Music.