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By January 24, 2018 No Comments

If I was to say post-punk right now, what would be the first band to come into your head? Preoccupations? Close, but no. The correct answer is Moaning. They’re also a good post-punk band, they’re from L.A and I’ve written about them before (read that piece of hot content here), but the four-piece’s latest single ‘Artificial’ is a ripper. And it’s worth noting in your diary to give it a listen. It comes with a sense of urgency in it’s soundscape, it comes across a bit distressed in its sharp guitars, and it hits you with the perfect level of wall-of-sound post-punk fuzz that we all live for. It’s a powerful track, and Moaning certainly look to be creating a powerful persona. Will be interesting to see how Preoccupations respond now there is more than one post-punk band releasing music in 2018.

Moaning’s Self-Titled debut LP is out May 2 via Sub Pop.