Fresh Juice


By January 25, 2018 No Comments

Porches’ new album, House hasn’t enjoyed the same overwhelmingly positive reception as the groups 2016 sophomore L.P, Pool did – but in all fairness, that’s a pretty tough act to follow. Pool was widely considered one of the best electro-pop albums of 2016 and whilst House isn’t shaping up to have the same impact as its predecessor, there are still some really dope tracks on the new LP that deserve a squeeze. Akeren is a pretty sick track, so too are the previously juiced Find Me and Country but the track we will be sipping on today it’s titled Goodbye

Frontman, Aaron Maine is a beautiful songwriter. His voice won’t sweep you away on its own but his unique approach to crafting a song most certainly will. I guess a flimsy vocal comparison could be between Maine and Cut Copy’s frontman Dan Whitford. Both voices are authentic, low in tone and work perfectly amidst the soundscape that surrounds them. Goodbye is comprised of some crunchy drum programming, some nifty synth work a beautiful piano melody and some diaristic lyricism. It’s brief but brash and would suit a drive to or from work.