Fresh Juice


By January 29, 2018 No Comments

To say today’s Juice is rough around the edges would be a massive understatement. When I first heard Jpegmafia’s music a while quickly decided that it wasn’t really for me. In fact the jarring production synonymous with his sound acted as a pretty strong deterrent. That is until Baby I’m Bleeding popped up in my Discover Weekly a few weeks back. Confused as to why Spotify decided to send this track my way I decided to give it a listen and was pleasantly surprised. If someone asks you to take control of the aux chord don’t play Baby I’m Bleeding straight away. Maybe warm them up with some Nine Inch Nails then move to some Tyler the Creator or perhaps even some Young Fathers. Then hit them with the Jpeg. Also, turn it down for the first 40 seconds but no longer as you don’t want to miss the opening lyrics.

The uncomfortable intro of Baby I’m Bleeding is what turned me off Jpeg’s music in the first place. Looping a sound reminiscent of an error code popping up an old computer is not something I’m generally willing to give a chance, especially on when it makes up a good portion of the song. But I persevered and was very happy I did. Once you’ve made it through the gruelling intro you’re met with some really clever production that shines amidst the chaos. The drum programming is as coarse as every other layer that makes up Baby I’m Bleeding but it will give you a beat that is most certainly head nodable. It also provides some structure to a very messy song and is a breath of fresh air for those of who are not experimental music fiends. There is also some brilliant lyricism and wordplay in Baby I’m Bleeding, “Chains on my body looking like a rapper, acting like a slave when I’m gunning for master”. I feel as though you will either love or hate today’s Juice but to make this decision you must listen to the song front to back.