Fresh Juice


By January 30, 2018 No Comments

It was only about two week ago that I was right here, talking to you about Soccer Mommy, a young as hell Nashville based dream pop act creating angryfun guitar music. You’d think that would be enough for me, but no, here I am once again – all because Sophie Allison is back with another statement worthy single. ‘Cool’ is the second taste of Allison’s debut LP, Clean, and takes the powerful songwriting and pissed off themes from her previous single and drills it right into your mind. A track that’s “a meditation on identity, on wishing to be someone else for a while”, ‘Cool’ has its aggressive streak drenched in fuzzy lo-fi guitars. You can feel the pain of the story on show, but fuck, it’s a fun track. This thing rips, it just rips. You know you’ve got me in when your chorus is catchy as hell and slightly depressing.

Clean is out on March 2 via Fat Possum/Inertia.