Fresh Juice


By May 14, 2018 No Comments

My esteemed and most noble Juiceheads; it is with great pleasure that I fill your empty vessel this evening. In fact, that’s an understatement. I am ab-so-lute-ly thrilled, to be squeezing today’s track! Why? ‘Cos it’s been damn near half a decade since we’ve heard new music from Jungle! That’s right it was 2014 when the London-based funk collective released their self-titled debut album. Since then, the group have been touring relentlessly whilst also developing their sophomore LP which has been described by the band as “a post-apocalyptic radio station playing break up songs”. I for one am not really vibing an apocalypse rn but break up songs, Courtesy of Jungle? That I’m into.

The Londoners have rewarded our patience with not one but two new tracks, House In LA and Happy Man, the latter of which we’ll be taking a closer look at. Now, you seldom come across a band these days that are as well versed in funk as Jungle. Sure there are artists that’ll get those hips of yours moving but Jungle have a real knack for creating unmistakable – and in my opinion unapparelled grooves. I think Jungle’s main point of difference is their ability to create such rich, multi-layered soundscapes that feel both dense and stripped back at the same time. The low-fi synths/organs ripple deep beneath the surface and are responsible for the mood of Happy Man. The xylophone-like sounds inject a lil light into today’s Juice and work nicely with the high-pitched vocal delivery. Jungle are still right on time, not sure if they’re back by the beach but they are most certainly still bringing the heat. The heat.