Fresh Juice


By May 7, 2018 No Comments

Today’s track glistens brighter the more times you play it. Kelsey Lu is a singer-songwriter and Cellist based out of New York and whether you’re familiar with her music or not, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll appreciate the beauty of today’s Juice. Eloquently poeticising the emotions inherently linked with heartbreak, Lu simultaneously tugs on heart and cello strings in her new track Shade of Blue. Lu has you hooked from the opening line/chess metaphor as she perfectly articulates the crippling emotions associated with heartbreak and what it’s like to feel obsessed and hopeless at the same time.

First off, grab a box of tissues for this one – none of that cheap shit that tears your schnorker to shreds – get some nice Kleenex tissues cos shades of Blue is a tear jerker. Guiding her emotions through a cerebral and truly captivating orchestration, Lu puts on a clinic in voice control. Starting soft with a basic guitar melody and Lu’s lowly vocals, the mood in today’s Juice lifts pretty quickly with the introduction of some xylophone-like sounds and an astounding shift in pitch. With the overlapping vocal harmonies weaving in and out of the string section, Lu’s new music feels more accessible than her older work which i think is a step in the right direction. Keen to see what else Lu has in store for 2018.

*Check the extended version of Shade Of blue here, but enjoy today’s Juice in its purest form below.