Fresh Juice


By May 4, 2018 No Comments

The Cold weather’s settling in and if you’re not a fan then I got a lil something here that’ll warm you right up. Fresh out of Baltimore Maryland is an exciting new artist who goes by the name Snail Mail. You may have seen my co-Juicer squeeze a track a few weeks back called Pristine? Well, that was her first single, today’s Juice is her second and it’s easily one of the better tracks I’ve heard this year. The songs called Heat Wave and no, there will be no apologies issued for the cheesy intro.

Snail Mail’s music is kinda hard to describe. The supple vocal delivery that begins the piece is misleading. Things don’t exactly dramatically change direction but the soundscape that emerges around the one-minute mark certainly catches you off guard. A heavily fed back guitar… Is that the way you say it? A guitar with lots of feedback? A guitar that’s been back fed? Anyway the riff that follows the shake drum beat, coarsens today’s Juice and serves as a really cool point of difference to other indie artists. If you’re a fan of Chastity Belt, Soccer Mommy of even Frankie Cosmos then you’re a fan of Snail Mail. I don’t think I’ve seen a Baltimorean with as much swag since Senator Clay Davis and that’s saying something.