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By May 3, 2017 No Comments

If you were keen to listen to the bleakest chorus of 2017, you’re 100% in luck with this one. How does “kill me now, I want to die, there’s a chance in an afterlife. I might not get let in, but at least I won’t be living” sound? Strangely enough this latest piece of gold from New Zealand’s Kane Strang is oddly fun to listen to. I think this might be his thing, depressing as f tracks that are super fun to sing along to. I’m singing along to that chorus now and kinda smiling at how dumb I must look to anyone near me. With chugging garage riffs backing Strang’s wailed vocals about how shit it is for him to date people (or for them to date him tbh) – it’s undeniably catchy stuff. Whilst I still think that “Oh So You’re Off I See” is one of the best tracks of 2017, ‘My Smile Is Extinct’ continues this great theme of self-interested, childish, can’t-take-rejection, hate-ballads. I am seriously not attacking you either Kane, whether or not these are personal stories, they are really talking to my cruel, cynical view of the world and everything within it. I love this.


Kane Strang’s new LP, ‘Two Hearts and No Brain’ is due June 30th via Dead Oceans.