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By May 2, 2017 No Comments

Singular juices are always a hit. Whether it be mango nectar or freshly squeezed OJ, you can prepare yourself for the familiar taste that comes shooting through the plastic (or paper/glass if you’re eco friendly) when you put straw to mouth. It is also true that the best kept secrets often lay within the unlikely blends of different spices and vegetables that can, if chosen correctly, combine to unlock a mix that can cleanse the body or boost your immune system etc. Without trying to beat this metaphor any longer, todays Fresh Juice marks the return of Seattle based indielectronic duo ODESZA with their new single Line of Sight. Helping provide that extra bit of kick, UK vocalist WYNNE and locals Mansionair have leant their vocals on the track to create a revitalising concoction which will certainly help you push through Tuesday.

Having been a little quiet over the past 18 months, Line of Sight is the perfect track to break their silence. Starting out with some barely audible vocal samples and some very heavy synths, ODESZA gradually build a really wholesome track behind WYNNE’s lead vocals. It feels as though ODESZA have taken deliberate steps to ensure their new material is notably different to what we have heard from the pair in the past. Having already crafted a really unique brand of electro pop, Line of Sight sounds cleaner and little more refined than the stuff we heard on their banger of a sophomore album, In Return. As always Mansionair come through with the goods, providing powerful back up vocals and lift Line of Sight to a new level.       

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