Fresh Juice


By September 29, 2017 No Comments

Today we shine a light on up and coming solo artist, Leroy Francis and his rugged debut single Carry Me. The first time I actually heard this track I was left in a rather foul mood. I was driving home from work, flicked stations and was met with Leroy’s raspy plea asking me to carry him. In a frantic rush, I battled through my passcode only to find Shazam’s pulsating magic button was clicked a lil too late. I’m sure many of you foolish, unsafe Shazaming drivers can relate. But then earlier this week, today’s Juice popped up on both my news feed and in my inbox and it’s been on repeat ever since! Apologies for the digression. Let’s take a deeper look at Leroy.

Born and bred on the Central Coast, Francis’ restlessness pushed him south to Sydney where he’s multi-instrumental skills manifested in this short-lived distorted little beauty, Carry Me. Confining or labelling budding, artists like Francis to a certain genre can be a dangerous game as they can very easily switch lanes, unveiling a side of their music that we didn’t know existed. What I mean is that whilst Carry Me finds a balance between a gritty garage rock track with some post-punk sensibilities, today’s Juice also possesses some subtle, more saccharine undertones that seep out between the strings of Francis’ whiney but vibrant melodic guitar. Dare I assume, the next time we hear from Leroy he may very well leave the ful in bashful, but that’s just a guess. Today’s juice must be watched with the video (the man has an interesting interpretation of being carried) and mustn’t be Shazamed whilst driving.