Fresh Juice


By September 25, 2017 February 13th, 2018 No Comments

Juices don’t just get squeezed willy-nilly around here; we try to ensure the tracks we review are shared on the days of the week in which they’re best suited, hence saving Shame’s new track Concrete for the start of the week. Shame have been making some serious noise across the UK for the last year or so, developing a strong reputation for their enigmatic live shows and politically charged, tongue- in- cheek lyricism. Whilst today’s track is on the grittier end of Shame’s spectrum, this budding post-punk five-piece also posses a softer side which I strongly encourage you to explore after tasting today’s juice.   

Shame instils a sense of angst and unrest in its listener. In the opening moments of the song, a simple drum beat chases a frantic, tumultuous electric guitar that’s quickly reduced by a heavy bassline, lowering the temperature of today’s juice to a simmer. Similar to the composite material used to pave our streets and houses, today’s mix of Concrete is fickle too in that it constantly shifting tempo and direction without warning. As the song progresses the call-and-response makes way for a climactic build in the bridge only to be shattered by an all-in-brawl of a final chorus. It’s the kind of track that would catch you off guard in a mosh. Just when you think the fray had settled you’d be dealt an anonymous dose of whiplash courtesy of a blindsiding punter. If you were lucky enough to secure a Laneway ticket stay frosty ’cause I’ll be gunning for you.

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