Fresh Juice


By September 22, 2017 No Comments

Somedays, choosing the right beverage can be hard. Eager to reach the right decision, your eyes will indecisively scan the chilled section of the liquid refreshments whilst your mind races- considering all the variables attached to each individual option that stands there tempting you at every glance. Then there are days when a newly shelved item will catch your eye and after recognising all the ingredients listed on the front of the beverage you’re more than willing to delve right into uncharted territory and treat your taste buds to something new. Enter S.M Jenkins. Comprised of Stephan Bourke of Step-Panther, Jo Syme of Big Scary, Jimmy Gallagher from the Dumb Punts and Shanna Watson, this Melbourne indie-rock quartet have concocted the ultimate thirst quenching Friday Freshy in High Beamin’.

Re-released through Hotel Motel, High Beamin is easy listening at its finest. Perfect for a stroll or a drive, today’s Juice maintains a steady groove that doesn’t stray too far from the languorous mood established in the opening moments of the song. Sharp prolonged shreds of heavily distorted guitar settle nicely amidst a simple shakey drum beat that shapes the heartbeat of today’s track. The simply constructed vocal harmonies and cosy baseline are also worth a mention. When spinning this track for the first time the other day my senses detected a lil bit of Cloud Control. Revisiting it a couple of hours later I couldn’t help but notice the lingering taste of a Stone Roses track so if you give this bad boy a good squeeze it’ll grow on you in ways that you probably wouldn’t expect.