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By June 13, 2018 No Comments

I am a big fan of seeing an act develop strongly, and there really isn’t a more apt example of this in my life than LUCIANBLOMKAMP. With a fuckin’ deep discography, two albums done and into a third (kind of), I have found myself saying ‘this is his best work yet’ over and over and over. So prepare yourself, because his latest single ‘Endless’, is his best work yet. Not only does ‘Endless’ take his traditionally dark production into a form more palatable for those not ‘into that’, it’s also the most profound and deliberate his lyrics have ever been. They’re insular and pointed, and when matched with the frantic pace of the instrumentation, it creates a powerful internal tension that you can’t escape. It’s such a powerful piece of music. I don’t know how he’ll top this, but I’m sure he will by the next time I write about him.

The next instalment of LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s third LP, Sick of What I Don’t Understand (Part 2), is out July 6 via Good Manners Records / Caroline Australia.