Fresh Juice


By June 1, 2018 No Comments

Another day, another tough decision on what song to review. Well, perhaps not all that tough… When Parquet Courts dropped their fourth album, Wide Awake exactly two weeks ago, there was no doubt in my mind that a song would be squeezed – the question was, which song would it be? I had settled on Total Football, Before the Water Got a lil Too High 😉 and became my new favourite. I also considered Almost Had to Start a Fight but that came out in Feb + I didn’t think it was violent enough 😉 . So, after careful consideration. And many sleepless nights. I finally decided. To go with…. Violence! I don’t know why I always build suspense around telling you which song I decide to review. It clearly states the name of the song and artist in the link….

Violence is the ultimate a stress reliever. It’s a fierce, righteous delivery with some real funky undertones. From the opening line, it becomes very clear that you’re going to be yelled at for the duration of the song. And I’m ok with that – yell away is what I say. Holistically Wide Awake has proven to be a much funkier body of work then previous PC albums and today’s Juice is no exception. Synthy grooves and infectious riffs are almost as overbearing as the vocals. To be honest, the first time I heard Violence, I didn’t know whether to whip out the air bass and bob my head or trash my room. It provoked what could best be described as a funky belligerence. But seriously, go and listen to the album and you’ll see what I’m saying (and understand the puns too).