Fresh Juice


By November 30, 2017 No Comments

If you’re down for some dark, shoegaze-y, garage shit, then this is the shit you need. Say hi to Sub Pop’s latest signing, Moaning. A trio out of LA, Moaning have a self-titled LP out soon, and ‘Don’t Go’ is the first taste. An abrasive track, ‘Don’t Go’ is led with melancholic vocals, before some Yuck-y (like, as in, Yuck the band) or even Nothing-y (again, talking about the band, Nothing) waves of distortion wash all over the chorus. Their sound thrashes about, and perhaps it’s not the most game changing creation, but Moaning have a fucking high energy and could easily fit the mould of your new favourite post-punk act. Definitely worth watching in 2018.

Moaning’s Self-Titled debut LP is out March 2 via Sub Pop.