Fresh Juice


By November 23, 2017 No Comments

Heard of Julia Jacklin? Of course you have. Heard of Phantastic Furniture? You probably should have by now. Well if you know and like these two acts, I have good news for you. You’re probably going to get around Tesse. The new stage name for Tom Stephens and his band. You see, Tom is one part of Phantastic Furniture and Julia Jacklin is also in that band. It all makes sense now.

‘I’ll Tell You In The Morning’ is the first we’ve heard from Tesse since they adopted the new name, and with it comes this beautifully crafted piece of songwriting. At times the instrumentation is subdued, and throughout it always feels relatively melancholy – but don’t let that fool you. The track builds, slowly adding further layers of emotion, before crashing down upon itself to flow out gracefully into the spacious soundscape it’s carved. Definitely toeing this folk, alt-contemporary-rock-jam-whatever sound, Tesse are making the kind of moving music that will be an absolute hit in 2018. So prepare for these guys to be everywhere. Good luck and god speed Tesse.

‘I’ll Tell you in the Morning’ is out now.