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By November 22, 2017 No Comments

I first came across Negative Gemini thanks to the fantastic music coming out of the U.S. label, 100% Electronica/ Which if I’m not mistaken, was born from the LP of the same name by George Clanton. Both Clanton and Gemini along with the majority of the label release like that ‘post-ironic’ view of electronica in general, which in my humble opinion can be a bit hit or miss. But Negative Gemini was definitely in the hit pile. ‘Bad Baby’ signals a slight shift away from her previous work, swapping the 100% electronica (the track is still being released by 100% Electronica by the way) production for a slightly more organic soundscape. Backed by these almost post-punk percussion lines, the woozing synths and layered vocals act as a soothing escape from the pulsating nature of the track. Negative Gemini is toeing that line between club and the bandroom and I’m here for it.

The Bad Baby EP is out soon via 100% Electronica.