Fresh Juice


By July 18, 2017 No Comments

Morning TV are a really exciting up and coming Sydney four piece that have just released a video for their latest single Let It Lie. Now if the name/sound of today’s featured quartet rings some  bells, it’s not because you were recently watching TV in morning. You may have heard their single, Golden that dropped last year (a banger of a track that you should check out). And seeing as MT cut their teeth on Sydney’s live circuit a little while back, you my have seen them supporting the likes of Julia Jacklin or the Middle Kids in the last 7 or so months. Anywho, todays Fresh Juice awaits so let’s get this dissection out the way so you can dive right in.

Let it Lie maintains a steady stride and doesn’t stray to far away from the vibe that’s established from the onset. The ethereal vocals synonymous with MT’s sound glisten beneath a simple soothing riff that, when textured with a soft drum beat at the chorus, culminate to create a real breezy jam. I really dig the way in which lead vocalist Brittany Ward’s pipes can break mid sentence and change in pitch mid bar; it’s a little reminiscent of a watered down version of Karen Carpenter. It’s nice to hear these dudes’ surfy brand of garage pop is still seething.