Fresh Juice


By July 14, 2017 No Comments

If I ever get the chance to meet Danny Harley aka The Kite String Tangle, I’m going to take him aside and have a stern word with him. I mean, it’s hard enough selecting a track to squeeze every day due the abundance of bangers dropped on a daily basis, but when an artist of TKST’s calibre drops a whole album laced with Juicy tunes then…. well you get the point. Harley’s self titled debut LP came out today and the track we’ve decided to run for the Friday Freshy is called This Thing We Got.

Today’s cut is a pretty solid indication as to how talented Harley is as both a vocalist and a producer. It always baffles me how many different vibes are mashed into a String Tangle track. Many producers fall into the trap of crowding a soundscape by adding to many ingredients but Harley always seems to add just the right amount of flavour in his mixes. This Thing We Got has you head bobbing from the get go with a contagious beat that jingles and rattles for the length of the track. A few carefully placed piano chords keep today’s juice grounded and work nicely with the triumphant fanfare that feels a little Rudimentally. Throw in Harley’s delicate voice and a a really groovy vocal sample and you have a damn tasty track to take you into the weekend.

If you managed to snag a ticket to Splendour be sure to catch this legend on the Friday.