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By July 13, 2017 No Comments

I don’t think there is anyone else who can utter the lines “when I found her, all drowned in grey, I might’ve drowned her” as a featuring artist on an electronic track. But then again, is there anyone else like King Krule? I feel this is an important place to start when talking about Mount Kimbie’s new track, ‘Blue Train Lines’. This, the third taste of their now announced new LP, is in a completely different world to the last collaborations between Krule and Kimbie. In 2013, Archy Marshall crooned his way across melancholic, deep grooves thrown out by the production duo – but today, man, today, things are much much more aggressive. Kimbie’s scattering, pulsating percussion, alongside the burring layered synths build this sense of panic. Yet, the writing allows room for Marshall to really let loose, battering line after line of soul crushing lyrics at you. This is the furthest Mount Kimbie have pushed it thus far in their career. Acting more like a piece of post-punk than of electronica – this is exactly the kind of electronica you should be consuming right now.

Mount Kimbie‚Äôs new album ‘Love What Survives’, is out 8th September via Warp Records.