Fresh Juice


By August 18, 2017 No Comments

Odette has come in swinging on her new track, Watch Me Read You. Two questions were stirring in my noggin yesterday after watching today’s featured film clip for the first time. The first was, is that a British or Australian accent I hear serenading me? And second, how does this song only have 261 views?! As it turns out Odette is, in fact, a British born Aussie and I can’t predict how many views our featured track has whilst you’re reading this but it was sitting around the 2 100 mark at 10:30 this morning. 

Our Friday Freshy is a sensitive, ballad packed with raw emotion that will help you reflect- perhaps a little critically- on the week you’ve just left in your wake. Watch Me Read You’s delicate piano melody is juxtaposed by the fierce and at times sinister lyrics that, as Odette puts it “seeps through your skin like sap through bark”. Laced with assonance sharp wit, metaphors, metonymies….  Man, it feels like I’m analysing some bloody poem for an essay in high school! What I’m trying to say is Odette has created a really stimulating track in Watch Me Read You and I can’t wait to see what else she’s packing.

Watch Me Read You is available on all streaming services.