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By August 17, 2017 No Comments

When I first heard Body Type, I couldn’t help but think that they really felt like the kind of band Australia needed right now. Another two tracks, and a live show I caught when they supported Frankie Cosmos in Melbourne earlier this year, later – and I still can’t help but think the same thing. What the Sydney four-piece’s new single ‘Silver’ does, is solidify their ability to create super engaging lo-fi garage music. ‘Silver’ manages to toe the line a between dream-pop-esque vibe and rumbling, raw garage instrumentation. I think that’s brilliant. Body Type never let themselves fall into either side, which is something a lot of new lo-fi acts definitely do. There’s a kind of refrained energy, that’ll make you bob your head, but not elbow your best mate in the face and I can very much get behind that. Australian garage and Australian lo-fi bands often seem to blend together, but already Body Type sit away from all that, and that’s the magic we need. I told you… they are the band this country needs right now. And you can trust me.

‘Silver’ is out now. Find it on the internettttt.

*Note: Body Type are managed by I OH YOU’s management arm, Converge Mgmt.*