Fresh Juice


By August 15, 2017 No Comments

The old-age idiom – three strikes, you’re out, doesn’t apply to Hundred Waters. Today’s Fresh Juice marks the LA based trio’s third single off their forthcoming LP and in my humble opinion, it’s their best yet. Now, if you’re not all that familiar with Hundred Waters I strongly suggest you check out their last EP, Currency that came out a few months back… Yes, that’s right, an EP and an LP in the same year! I feel as though I’ve blabbered on enough; Tuesday’s Freshy is titled Fingers. 

Like the majority of our featured artist’s music, Fingers is earnest, emotive and heartfelt. Today’s Juice will captivate you with the delicate vocal harmonies, the peculiarity of the drum beat; eerie sound effects and the way in which all these unique elements culminate to create a kind of industrial ambience. It definitely feels as though HW have a strong vision for the ways in which they intend to communicate with their fans both musically and visually, with that said it’s probably best that I warn all entomophobic’s and arachnophobic’s in advance. If creepy crawlies make you a lil squeamish then you best steer clear from today’s visual element, but if you feel as though you can stomach the 12 000 bugs crawling over lead vocalist Nicole Miglis’ body then I suggest you stop reading and get amongst it below. 

Hundred Waters’ forthcoming LP, Communicating is out September 15th on Pod via Inertia Music.