Fresh Juice


By August 14, 2017 No Comments

Struggling to put a finger on a musician’s sound I feel, is a real compliment to their artistry. Whether the weekend has left you feeling a little more like a Zombie than a Vampire I’m sure you can appreciate Marlon Williams’ latest offering. Our featured artist has been a lil quiet since his 2015 self-titled debut album came out, but last week he dropped a groovy silence-breaker titled Vampire Again. Born in NZ, Williams skipped the Tasman in 2015 to find a new home in Melbourne. Since making the move, Williams’ career has flourished as Australian music fans have sunk their teeth into his alternative blend of folk, blues and any other genre he chooses to tie into his music.

If you’re not all that familiar with Williams’ music the gloomy, operatic vocal intro may have you wondering what you are getting yourself into. In this dark, lonesome tale Williams recounts a particularly strange outing one Halloween where he attended a screening of Nosferatu in LA dressed as, yea you guessed it, a vampire. Arriving late and a little blazed, he sat on the floor, watched the flick in company that didn’t really possess the same Halloween spirit as he- or perhaps didn’t own a costume quite as good- and whilst leaving the theatre, received whispered adoration overhearing one secret admirer murmur “bad-ass”. I figured providing the context of how Vampier Again came to fruition would be more interesting than me trying to put my finger on Williams’ complex, authentic sound.