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By August 12, 2017 August 14th, 2017 No Comments
Anatole Medlow Bath

Sometimes it feels like Australia doesn’t have a market for the quieter, more spacious, almost classical-infused electronica. It’s not hard to think that when we see the major alternative channels out there favouring your bass heavy, deep house trap glitch whatever the fuck The Aston Shuffle play on their Triple J show. SO it’s bloody great to see there are local artists, like Anatole, who are creating truly beautiful, textured soundscape within our own background. Anatole, a Sydney local has just inked himself a worldwide deal with Mercury KX, which miiiight be why his latest single features no one other than Olafur fucking Arnalds. ‘Like Deep Water’ fuses orchestral textures with electronics, incorporating gentle melodies and skattering beats, culminating in an explosion of sound and colour. As a producer and multi-instrumentalist, Anatole manages to bring out memories of Bonobo and Shigeto – but he refrains from making the beats take over, and it ensures that everything builds naturally allowing your ears to explore each corner of the track. Beauty, this is true beauty.

‘Like Deep Water’ is out now via Mercury KX.