Fresh Juice


By August 11, 2017 No Comments

Our featured artist’s name is Melissah Marie but she goes by Moody Beach. Now don’t be fooled by what you hear, Marie is, in fact, a fisher(wo)man. Using her two singles, Vanilla and All I Do as burly earlier this year, this illusive angler has dangled her line/new EP off the rocky shelves that rest above her Moody shores and we fish have gobbled it up, hook line and sinker. All jokes aside Moody Beach is no joke. Her new EP provides insight into the kind of talent this Sydney sider is packing. Navigating a pretty fine line between shoegaze and pop, Friday’s Fresh Juice is called I Should Exercise.

I Should Exercise sounds simple but there is a lot stirring beneath the surface. After giving the track a few spins you’ll gradually hear all the layers that make up today’s Freshy. The eerie synth that lingers subtly in the background creates an atmospheric, ominous platform for the guitar to mesh into the fold giving it that heavy shoegazey vibe. Today’s track has a real gradual build to it that is captivating but short-lived as the song stops just shy of three minutes. With Marie’s graceful vocals and a slow but steady drum beat, I Should Exercise drifts gently into the abyss. Upon first hearing today’s Juice for the first time I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between our featured artist and Aldous Harding so it’s safe to say Moody Beach is one to keep an eye on.