Fresh Juice


By August 10, 2017 No Comments

Melbourne duo Habits have built a reputation over the last few years for creating loud and abrasive soundscapes. Indebted to industrial techno sounds of era’s past, they’re not an act that is for the lighthearted –  their live show, their records are both unrivaled. Habits are just intense, and that intensity is once again on show with their new single ‘Shame / Desire’.  The track is a dark experience, bringing up visions of the depraved shit that goes down in the darkest corners of the darkest clubs – yet also holds a poetic lyrical potency. The vocals juxtapose the pulsating, painful jabs of bass, almost blissful in a way. In their words it’s a creation that acts as “an apology for being a piece of human garbage who will never change” – so don’t expect this to be an easy ride. If you can stomach it, there’s a lot to enjoy here. Play it at your local, and freak out some teenagers.

‘Shame / Desire’ is out now. Find it in the usual places.