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By December 16, 2018 No Comments
Pinty - Tropical Bleu

As the year winds up, it becomes increasingly difficult to find lemons for the juice. Everyone takes a little breather in the weeks surrounding the New Year, and the lemons are no different. They’re not in-season. But every now and then at this time of year, as you’re wading through the branches where the budding fruits are developing, there’s one that’s ripe for the picking. I’ve been toiling hard for that juicy lemon, and finally, I have found one. It’s the new track from UK MC Pinty, ‘Tropical Bleu’. The spelling is annoying, but I promise that’s the only irritating thing about this song.

Released through trusted tastemakers Rhythm Section, the production from DJ JD SPORTS is the undeniable highlight of the track. Who’s DJ JD SPORTS, you ask? It’s none other than Archy Marshall, mastermind of King Krule and a bunch of other projects. As Marshall is renowned for, ‘Tropical Bleu’ is a genre-bending journey through hip-hop, jazz and house. Whining synths and plush keys set the scene for a laid-back affair. Pinty’s slow, near-conversational flow complements the beat fittingly. His style is similar to UK hip-hop trailblazer Mike Skinner of The Streets, so obviously that’s pretty great.

Pinty’s sophomore EP, ‘City Limits’ will arrive early in 2019.