Fresh Juice


By December 18, 2018 No Comments

It’s the final working week of 2018, we’re all winding down, getting so close to that sweet sweet release that is three or four days around Xmas where no one does anything. Usually this week is the worst one right? where you try to organise all your shit; including but not limited to, making sure your boss doesn’t kill you because you’re four weeks behind on your work, figuring out a way to not have to tell your grandmother why you don’t have a partner for Xmas for the seventh year in a row, making sure you don’t end up paying $75 to get into a venue packed full of guys wearing button up tops, chinos and R.M. Williams, avoiding your racist uncle at the Boxing Day BBQ, getting a KK gift for that annoying person you work with that’s good enough so they don’t know you hate them, but shit enough that you don’t have to spend over $6.50 for it. SO what better to listen to than an (almost) eight minute sprawling emo track from American Football?! ‘Silhouettes’ is an expansive listen, full of slow building whirling instrumentation, working it’s way through chapters, whilst the vocals float in and out, moody and reflective. It’s another emo classic to hep bury yourself under the weight of this week. Happy 2018 ya’ll!

American Football is out March 22 via Polyvinyl / Pod / Inertia Music.