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I OH YOU’s writer-by-night delivers his favourite albums of 2018.

Tom has been part of the I OH YOU blog for a while now, probably longer than we should have allowed, but as he’s been one half of the team that has brought you freshly squeezed juice every week, we thought he should at least get to have an end of year list of his own.

So without further adieu, here are the albums that tickled the fancy of a man who’s biggest achievement in 2018 was to get his first ear piercing.

Forth Wanderers – Forth Wanderers

Oooof, no one came near touching FW in 2018. Heavy, raw, emotional, uplifting, powerful, kinda emo – this ticks all the boxes.

Snail Mail – Lush

She blew up for all the right reasons this year. 110% some of the best rock riffs and vocal melodies that have come round in a long time.


Someone said this sounded like Florence + The Machine, but they are so very wrong. This is what The xx could still sound like if they didn’t do whatever their last two albums were.

Ross From Friends – Family Portrait

Best electronic full length by a damn mile. It’s not often a dance record like this could flow so well, and also have so many stand alone gems, but here we are.

Mitski – Be The Cowboy

One of the weirdest, yet most rewarding listens of 2018. Mitski is a pop genius and I refuse to let you say anything else.

Olafur Arnalds – Re:Member

I bet you $100 you’re already crying thinking about how beautifully poignant and moving this record is. See… I’ll send you my acc. no. and BSB.

Phantastic Ferniture – Phantastic Ferntiture

Would it be possible for Julia Jacklin to just like try and not be the best thing to ever happen to Australia? Just for like, one second?

Good Morning – Prize//Reward

Did you know I did their very first interview, but then couldn’t release it because they were too high to say anything of remote relevance? Anyway, this record is a lo-fi stunner.

Bonny Doon – Longwave

I want to be annoyed that these guys stole a quintessentially Australian location as a band name, and then went and spelled it wrong anyway… but this album is so beautifully subdued, I just can’t.

Porches – The House

Sadly, didn’t get close to touching his debut, Pool, but there is some of his best work on his sophomore release. Who needs genre’s when you can literally just make everything?

Honourable Mention: BTS – LOVE YOURSELF 結: Answer

Sorry, but also actually, not sorry.

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