Fresh Juice


By October 13, 2017 No Comments

It takes a few seconds for Porches’ new single ‘Country’ to really hit you. You spend those seconds wondering where Aaron Maine is heading with his soon to be announced third album. I mean, his second LP, Pool, was just everything in 2016. You wonder whether he’s departing from his synth-laden, discotech lo-fi and heading somewhere more… organic. But then, it hits. His poetic vocals are backed with wonderfully subdued and warped keywork, and you’re captivated. Maine speaks of ‘Country’ as a arrival and departure of sorts, and it feels like that. A conclusion to everything that Pool was and an introduction into everything this new chapter can be. At 1 minute 54, ‘Country’ doesn’t do much to stop you wondering about what will come next, but this emotive taster is a brilliant start.

‘Country’ is out now via Domino Recording Co.